Monday, January 30, 2006

The Cadmium Yellow Balloon: Book Cover

The screen all taped up and ready to go.

The finished front cover.

My cover is composed of 4 main layers. First I added two additional coats of white gesso to the already primed surface. Secondly I added slight texture and color with acrylic paint & a tiny bit of newspaper. Next I burned a screen with my type and silkscreened the yellow type. Lastly, I created a stencil by cutting the letter "O" out of plastic film with an exacto. I then painted in the "O" with several washes of acrylic and topped with a wash of interference green paint (titanium coated mica flakes- sounds fancy) to give it a bit of illumination.

Since the 8 books are to spell the word "JOURNEYS" when they are all lined up, I wanted my letter "O" to read well. I kept the contrast between the background color and the yellow type to a minimum, wanting the type to act more as a textural element than as an instant readable book title. The "O" was painted over this in washes to let some of the underlying colors, texture and letter shapes show through.

I left out actual imagery (people, places, the balloon, etc.) because since the story is yet to be written, I don't have any concrete visuals on what the story as a whole looks like. I'll leave that to unfold within the book itself.

The font used is Gurnsey.


Blogger carla said...

I like it! You achieved exactly what you were after...the yellow type really becomes an almost abstract textural background and the blue O stands out nicely. I am anxious to see it in person...I am sure that the subtleties will be gorgeous up close. I really love the concept of your book...I thinking of where i'd like to go when I get the yellow balloon:>

9:20 PM  
Blogger Leezy said...

I agree with Carla, it is a cover of beauty, so subtle and so striking al at the same time, and a perfect colour combination.

This is all so exciting, I cannot wait to start working on everyone else's book.

I dunno, it must be the passion or someone lit a fire under my *rse, cos I'm so buzzed right now - woohoo~!!!!!!!

1:07 PM  

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