Friday, January 20, 2006


"A dark sky
Purple hues
Flashes of white light
A vortex
A void
The unknown
A galaxy rich with opportunity

This is my life

I wish to let spirit carry me on a new and exciting adventure
To discover me, discover the true essence of myself, my art

I see a path

Collage is my medium
Type is my texture
A dash of paint
A splash of happiness
My mind knows no bounds

Spontaneity is what I wish for my book
Switch off
Let your mind go
… and allow spirit to lead the way"

The illustration is not from my entry to Journeys but I liked the idea of space. I admit I am having trouble letting go, too, like Carla, I'm anxious, worried of crapping it up and failing to produce something worthy of my beautiful 'blank' book, and time is running out ..........


Blogger carla said...

It's too bad we can't all hold hands and do a group cheer before we start:> I do have a couple of background layers down and many ideas, but I'm just waiting for daylight tomorrow and quiet time to get started. I think once I have the cover done, the pages will be easier. This piece is really nice - I am especially fond of blue and orange together - and it is the perfect companion to your post.

6:26 PM  
Blogger Sylvia Kay said...

i am glad to know i am not the only one who has not finished yet!
i do have my cover almost complete.
as for the inside spread, eek!
i am still deciding what to do.
also when i finish with the cover, which i will do this evening, do you think i should post it here or is it better to keep it a surprise? i haven't decided on that one yet.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Leezy said...

well, I like surprises, but you can do whatever you please, we will all get to see it at tsome point during the roatation, so it's up to you! Welcome aboard Sylvia!!!

1:00 PM  

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