Sunday, January 08, 2006

Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa, Latin for "scraped tablet", is often used to describe something that is a blank slate. Right now a blank slate is staring me right in the face, taunting me, enticing me, getting the wheels in my mind turning.

I received my well-thought out, concise project package from Leeza the other evening. Everything was just as I suspected from her. Every detail was covered and great care and love went into organizing this.

For as excited as I am about getting started, there is a small part of me that is hesitant. These are real books, being passed around to real artists, with real artwork inside. What if I create something that is terrible? There is no Open Apple-Z on my keyboard. I can't hide it away in my basement or throw it in the garbage. I can't rip out any pages. I can't paint over it (well maybe I can...). This means that I have to have trust in myself and just push through and create artwork that comes to me intuitively. For a while, I used the computer to layout my artwork, change colors, create vector art and so on. While some of my illustrations are still created on my trusty Macintosh, I find myself moving away from that and creating more things by hand. Somehow art created this way seems sexier & more honest. It is in that rawness that a piece comes to life. This project is the perfect in the fact that it will grow & evolve over the course of the year and embody all the things that excite me in the process of creating art.

It was back at the end of summer, that I was invited to do this project, Journeys. Now the time to begin has finally come. Looking ahead I see a year filled with great growth, trust, discovery, and as the name suggests- a journey. A true story of eight strangers, picked to live in a house and have their lives taped... oh wait, that is The Real World. (I knew it sounded all too familiar.) This here is a true story of eight people, both friends and strangers, picked to spend a year of their lives working on a collaborative project to learn about building relationships, creating new visions in art, learning about themselves and the world around them, and much, much, much more.

Now it is time to get some color onto these stark white book covers!


Blogger Leezy said...

Beth, good to have you as part of the team, welcome.
Loved the latin lesson, too. I am always intrigued by languages - actually, I almost pursued a linguistic career and not an art one ... wouldn't be here if I did that, though!!!!

10:41 PM  

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