Friday, February 24, 2006

Traffic Jam

Dang! Am I the source of the biggest traffic jam in our group? It looks that way.

I just sent my book off to Elaine (sorry that it was so late, I'll do better!) and I've been holding onto Carla's book from the first month that I've got to get a move on, and yesterday I received Sylvia's book in the mail (from Carla) too! So now I have two books that I really want to get done quickly so that I'm not holding anyone up anymore. Especially anyone who's expecting a baby. Fortunately, the book I received yesterday is actually March's book, so I have time if I want it. I have to give kudos to Carla for being so punctual.

So, why aren't we seeing more posts from participants? I'd love to see scans of people's work or commentaries about their expriences. I really think that discussion about the artistic directions that we're taking would be very helpful when I get someone else's book. Is anyone else struggling? Does anyone else suddenly have a ton of freelance work that's zapping all of their personal project time?

Well, I'd better get a move on!


Blogger Leezy said...

Oh no Dennis, will you be able to get the Feb one out to Elaine soon, oh I do hope so ... it's tough adjusting I know, but you can do it!!!!

I would hate for you to be stuck holding ALL the books ...

It was hard in the first month for me too, especially with a full-time job and a load of freelance work, but I found a groove, by doing a bit here and there and stretching it over the weeks, rather than all in one hit.

Hope you find your groove. It's a true test of intention, dtermination and motivation, but we belive in you. Good luck!

12:37 PM  

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