Monday, March 13, 2006

A productive weekend

Hi everyone, it was such a rainy day on Sunday, I had the luxury of staying home, in my pyjamas, and working on Elaine's Observations book. I had tried earlier in the week to create something, but it wasn't flowing AT ALL!. The colors were muddy and the composition was awkward. I got really mad and ended up painting over the entire thing and starting again. I had tried to work with some different colours in an attempt to vary up my work, but I failed miserably and fell back into my comfort zone. This piece signifies the move we made a year ago this month and how - since moving - I have elolved as an artist. Observing nature and all its elements throughout the past year have inspired me considerably and I see it in my work. I am in a happy place.


Blogger Beth Berst said...

This looks so warm, lush & lovely. If I had a fireplace I'd hang this above it! It makes me feel as if I am on a cabin retreat somewhere. It has that sense of relaxation and rest. And, because the trees are so tall in comparison to the tiny house, it makes me feel that strong sense of nature and how we are so small in comparison.

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