Sunday, March 05, 2006

Work Photo

Well, since I've not posted any of my Journeys art so far, I though that maybe I'd post an image of me working, at least.

That handsome fellow with no shirt on isn't me, but is my son "Kaid Fin". He decided to do some painting with me, which was really nice. We don't do this enough, but at least Journeys created an opportunity for us to paint together.

Um no, I don't really do well with tidy work areas. It's just my style, or lack of discipline, I dunno. Dennis might remember my junkyard desk from the ancient "Webiness" days.

Anyway, these are the copper covers to my book, which have some additional painting on them. Actually, when I get my covers back, I'd like to work on them some more, and finish them up.


Blogger carla said...

Wow! This is really a treat to see behind the scenes. Your cover is copper??? Now I am totally intrigued. I can't wait to get your book. Thanks for sharing this...and your son is adorable. This looks like some great play time for both of you:>

10:07 AM  
Anonymous beth said...

I have these covers right now and they are fantastic. The copper is warm, and the subtle details (especially the type) makes you want to hold it and turn it in the light to see every detail.

I was wondering if you & Leeza had discussed how you were going to do your covers before beginning. I was surprised to see that you both used what looks lik wooden letters adhered to the covers that are then painted. You guys must be sharing some of the same brain. :)

2:34 PM  
Blogger Leezy said...

Daniel, this is so cool to see a work in action. And with your little helper too, he is very cute. I loved how you made your covers look so rich and yummy. And I now have Elaine's book with your observations entry which is superb. Your character emotions are brilliant!

And yeah, that was weird, when I received Daniel's book. I had just finished my covers (the even weirder part being that I almost bought the exact same letters, too), and I was thinking ... oh wow, but then thinking oh no .... what with that and then one of my other pages looking like Elaines, I don't know whether to run - being the paranoid that I am, thinking you might all think I'm this big copy cat - or whether to be freaked out because I honestly don't know where it comes from sometimes. I have these strange moments of imagery, or colour, or shapes appear in my mind and then discover it's coming from someone I talk to on the phone, or via e-mail or something. Spooky, but cool .... I think.

3:25 PM  
Blogger Daniel Davis said...

Yeah, both of us using wooden letters was a complete coincidence.

I imagined them dimensional the entire time, but didn't tell anyone by my wife.

I think we both must have just pictured them that way.

Very cool.

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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