Sunday, June 04, 2006

Spirited Away!

This is my contribution to Leeza's Spirit book. I have to say that I was so nervous about working directly on the pages without a plan that I just let the book sit and sit for weeks. I didn't want to ruin it! When I finally sat down to do the pages, I centered myself by remembering how energizing it was to work spontaneously on the mixed media pieces I did for the Inspire Me Thursday's Senseless Art and Five Senses challenges. So I just let go of any expectations and went the flow of my impulses and energy.

I gessoed the pages and stamped in texture, chose colors that appealed to my mood and rubbed them in with my fingers, sponged them around, removed areas of color with alcohol, collaged the horse (from a print of this study), scribbled with water soluble pastels...adding and subtracting until I felt like I was finished. Although I made a huge mess all over my work table, I thoroughly enjoyed the process... and I even like the product.